high interest savings accounts
Ranked list of high interest savings accounts

What is the best online savings account? Here’s our list of the best savings account offers we’ve found — the optimal a place for saving emergency funds, short term savings, etc. We’ll continue to update these as they change or if we find additional offers that would be great for you. Click on the right column link to get a more detailed review of each of the banks. As always if you see a better deal please let us know!

Updated: March 3, 2019

Bank NameBest Interest RateMinimum Investment Learn More
Susquhanna Bank3.00% for 6 mo, then 2.53% $100,000Susquehanna Community Bank High Yield Savings
CIT Bank2.45%$100 / per month deposit or $25,000CIT Bank High Yield Savings
CitiBank2.36%$0Citi High Interest Savings
PurePoint Financial2.35%$10,000Purepoint Financial High Yield Savings
Citizens Access Bank2.35%$5,000Citizens Access High Interest Savings
PNC Bank2.35%$0PNC Bank High Interest Savings
Marcus Bank2.25%$1Marcus High Interest Savings
HSBC 2.22%$1HSBC High Yield Savings
Ally Bank2.20%$0Ally High Interest Savings

Most of these banks have money market funds, checking accounts and other types of accounts. They’re also FDIC insured which is an important piece. Most of them require minimal or zero balances which allows you to be flexible with your funds and typically zero fees. (yes we know, fees are evil).

Why Choose a High Interest Savings Account?

Most bank products give you a checking, savings, money market, maybe some CDs. What they don’t offer is a good interest rate on any of them unfortunately. You may have to find another account to use for your high yield savings which could be different than the bank where you have your checking account. The best banks will provide you a competitive high interest account to use for your savings and emergency funds.

Best Bank for Both Checking and Savings?

Should you consider using one of these as your Main Bank Account where you have both checking and savings? Given the low fees and low balance requirements for our top-10 list, you could also consider using them for your main bank as well. You may also want to consider if they’re local versus somewhere else … sometimes it is nice to be able to drive and speak to someone in person. Mr and Mrs YourFinances are happy with an online bank and rarely have the need to see someone in person. Pretty much everything can be done online or on the phone.

Here at YourFinances.com, we use a separate bank for our emergency savings.

As always, please do your own diligence as terms may change. Though we do our best to be accurate and provide you the best information possible to make a good, educated decision we may have overlooked something so no guarantees on what we write.


  1. […] CIT Bank made me think this was part of CITIBank for the longest time, but its a completely different business. They are generally a mid-sized bank but still large enough to be considered a top-50 bank and almost large enough to be in the Fortune 500 (not quite). The CIT High interest Savings rate is second to none today. You can also compare this to our ranked list of high yield savings accounts. […]


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