Wells Fargo $400 Bank Account Bonus

Yes, get $400 bank account bonus if you sign up for a Well Fargo Account and follow a few simple requirements.  This one is pretty easy.  And we all know Wells Fargo as a really large nationwide bank.

Overall the offer is that you get $400 bonus once you’ve deposited money into a new Everyday Checking Account to get the free bank account bonus <– you have to use this link to get the free bank bonus.


Wells Fargo $400 Bank Account Bonus

Bank Account Bonus requirements:

    1. Open the checking account online by July 26, 2019
    2. Minimum opening deposit of $25
    3. Setup direct deposit and deposit* a minimum of $3,000 within 3 consecutive months (*qualifying deposits).
    4. The bonus is deposited within 45 days once the requirements are met.
    5. Use the link above to sign up.


    1. You cannot currently have a Wells Fargo checking account
    2. You cannot have received a bonus for opening a Wells Fargo checking account within the last 12 months.
    3. You have 180 days to complete the deposit requirements.
    4. Avoid $10/mo fee by reviewing the requirements — including $1,500 minimum daily balance, etc…

See the Wells Fargo link for all the details for the $400 bank account bonus.

This is a pretty easy way to make $400 free bank account bonus.

Who’s Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo is a large multinational bank and is the fourth largest bank in the world by market capitalization and the third largest bank by assets.   Also, they’re number 26 on the Forbe’s list of 500 largest US corporations by revenue.  In 1852, the two founders of American Express also established Wells Fargo to provide express and banking services out in California.  And the rest is history.

As with all of our deals, please perform your own diligence and read all of the terms and conditions so you understand what you are signing up for.  Offers of course may change over time.  We have paraphrased certain pieces of information for ease of reading.


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