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HSBC High Yield Savings

HSBC High Yield Savings, bank bonus, checking, money market

HSBC High Yield Savings, bank bonuses, checking, money market

HSBC is a large, multi-national bank with locations in 67 countries.  You can’t ge much bigger.   HSBC Direct is an online subsidiary of HSBC focusing on those who are find interacting with their bank online.  The high interest savings account this a good place to invest your savings.

The Important Stuff for the High Interest Savings Account:

  • Interest Rate: 2.22%
  • Minimum deposit:  $1
  • Monthly fees:  None

What are our thoughts?
HSBC Direct is HSBC’s online / telephone division that has savings, mortgages, accounts, and savings.  Though other rates are slightly better (see our list of high interest savings), if you want one of the largest banks this would be for you. Link to HSBC’s high yield savings offer.

Incentives and Offers
HSBC is offering some great incentives to sign up for other services including cash bonuses.  See our post on HSBC Bank Sign Up Bonuses.
 Who’s HSBC?  

HSBC was established back in 1865 in British Hong Kong as The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank.  Since then its grown substantially.   HSBC is a large multinational bank….they’re #7 in the world in size and the largest in Europe with assets totaling ~$2.4 Trillion and over 3,900 branches.

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