Marcus high yield savings, checking, money market
Marcus by Goldman Sachs high yield savings, checking, money market

The Marcus by Goldman Sachs high yield savings account has a competitive interest rate — for all ranked high interest savings rates see our list. This post will take you through the online sign up process for the account. Overall its very easy — it took me about 5 minutes (or less) without completing the funding. (typically funding takes a few days with ACH or instantaneously with a wire transfer).

First, Go to the Marcus High Yield Savings Account Web Page

Click on the link for the Marcus by Goldman Sachs High Yield Savings Account . This takes you to the main page for Marcus. They have an engaging website with text saying that their high interest is 4x the national average … again see our ranked list for comparing the current rates.

Marcus High Yield Savings
Marcus High Yield Savings Start Page

Marcus also currently has two other high yield savings products that are CDs. From here we click on the Open an Account link which takes us to the request for personal information that we’ll fill out. This includes the standard stuff that any bank would need including social security number, date of birth, home address, contact information, etc.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs high interest savings
Marcus personal information form

We completed this information and clicked submit which takes us to the terms and conditions page. They request you read and agree to a few different types of terms and conditions … for example, the overall agreement, receiving information electronically, confirmation that all information is accurate that I entered, etc.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs High Yield Savings Account

We completed each of the confirmations. Then they sent me an email with a one time use PIN to confirm my email address was accurate. I transferred the PIN from my email to the website field, and pushed enter. The Marcus by Goldman Sachs high yield savings account gives you the option of funding your account by ACH, logging into your existing bank, sending a wire, or sending a check.

Marcus high interest savings file transfer

Once you make your decision, you’re brought to the appropriate page and shown your account information / account page.

Overall positive experience and very simple to sign up.

Our Impression of the Pros:

  1. 2.25% high interest savings rate
  2. Fast, easy sign up
  3. FDIC insured
  4. $1 minimum funding requirement
  5. Multi Factor Authentication available (we like this for enhanced security)


  1. None so far

Once we fund our account and spend some time with the new account, we’ll provide an additional update.

My writing is my personal opinion as of the date of this writing. I do my best to provide accurate data but may have missed something (we’re all human )



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