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Dog watching a movie with popcorn and coke

I just found a way
to make finding movies online
a whole lot easier.

How often do you have problems trying to find just the right movie to watch online?  Last week, Mrs YourFinances and I were going to watch a movie at home on Friday evening. A long week at the grind working — we were looking for away to spend some couple time, and relax during the evening.  Maybe get a pizza from our favorite pizza place, Papa Murphys.

So I first pull out the laptop, trying to search to find a decent movie — we have both Netflix and Amazon prime, but unfortunately neither have a decent search engine to find movies online.  So after paging through loads of videos, the final result was to go to the theater  So much for all the relaxation.  Movie theaters have gotten pretty expensive.  That night was almost $50 after two tickets and some snacks. Oh man!

How to Find Online Movies

Knowing that there’s an opportunity out there, I jumped into my favorite search engine (yes I googled it) to find a movie search engine.  I looked at a few of them but liked the best. They even made it easy to find the Avengers Infinity War movie.

What I liked about the online movie website:

  1. Easy to navigate
  2. Filter by both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB — this way I can be sure to find movies that have good social ratings — and will likely be good!
  3. Sort by Genre
  4. Brief summaries on the main page so I don’t have to click through everything

How We’ll Watch Online Movies

We’ve been fortunate to have purchased a really big TV.  Maybe too big.  (well does it help if we got a good deal?)  Its like 70″ or so across, high definition, and 3D — though not sure why I really paid extra for that as I literally never use the 3D movie function, nor can I find any shows online with that that I can stream.  I can’t wait to try out the website this weekend when we’re curious what we’ll watch tonight.

This is one of my favorite deals so far — now I can easily find and watch movies online!

Have you had a similar experience?  What do you think?


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