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We’ll discuss three easy ways to save money while shopping online.  If you’re like most of us, you’re buying some stuff (if not of a lot of stuff) online.  I have sometimes taken it to the extreme and try to avoid most stores if I can — nothing easier than getting a decent price and not entering a store.  Wears me out.  Isn’t that why they have benches outside or inside many stores?

3 Ways to Save Money Online

There are a few online services that give you automatic savings on most of your online shopping.  Some even provide you coupons and automatically tries them in your shopping cart to get the lowest price / best deal.  They all provide extensions / add-ons to your browser so they automatically tell you when there’s a discount available.  Hands free! Wahoo!save money shopping online

They all provide you rebates.  This means that when you spend money (after clicking on their link) you will get some percentage back after the purchase … of course always read their terms and conditions for specifics.

We’ll provide you a brief overview and our two favorite ways to save money online — using both Ebates and Honey together.

Save Money Online with Ebates

Ebates has been around for longer than I can remember (1999) — they’ve actually purchased / aggregated some other rebate platforms to become one of the largest rebate providers.  They have an A+ BBB rating and are one of the largest loyalty programs in the USA.  Their system gives you a percentage back (typically 2% to 10%)  of your purchase (not including tax).

You use get a discount one of two ways:

  1. Ebates Extension:  Load their extension onto your browser — it works almost automatically.  This is our preferred method since its so easy.
  2. Ebates Website:  Go to their website and find the store you want, and click their link.

I’ll share with you the extension experience.  You shop at your preferred stores — you can always click on the extension icon to see if certain stores are having bonus rebates (higher than normal) which happens regularly.  Once you make a purchase you’ll be notified that they registered the discount.  You’ll see the money in your ebates account typically within a month or so, sometimes a little longer.  They automatically send you a check, you don’t even have to ask for it.  EASY.

Save Money Online with Honey

Honey is a great program for program for providing coupons they also give rebates on purchases.  Honey’s program shines because they tell you the best coupon to use to save money online.  if you click on the honey app when you’re at your shopping cart — its also an extension for your browser — it will try loads of coupons to find you the best deal.

I use this app for finding the best coupon to use.

Using Honey and Ebates Together

I use Honey and Ebates together to save money online.  How do I do it?  Easy…

  1. Add things to your shopping cart as your normally would when shopping.  When you’re done, and ready to check out — Honey will tell you (via browser extension) if it has coupons to try.
  2. Let honey try the coupons and find you a good deal — you now know the coupon.
  3. Click on the Ebates app to give you the % rebate back and use the coupon from honey.
  4. Make sure to use ebates last, otherwise the honey app will remove the rebate.

Mrs YourFinances and I love using these two applications together to save money online.  See our other blog articles on ways to save money <– click here.

Do you have any other hints?



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