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We reviewed the cell phone services and came out with one on top.   My previous cell phone service wanted to nickel and dime me to death on a constant basis — you may see the same thing.  Below, I make comparisons of their services and costs.  I will share with you my experience how I found the best cell phone service with the best price … read on….

Cell Phone Service Savings is Tough With Teenagers

As a parent of two teenagers, I felt the wrath of my provider when my kids went over their data allotment.  Being on the family plan, we all shared 50 GB of data.  The problem is that both of my kids feel that its a right to be able to watch YouTube videos and Netflix on demand … using up my precious data. My daughter wanted to watch reruns of her favorite shows and youtube videos.  My son wanted to stream video games.

Data Overage Can Kill You

There’s nothing worse than being killed by 1,000 pin pricks.  Each piece of my current cell phone provider was being billed for, taxes this, and additional feature that.  Plus any overage in data.  Ugh.  This brought me to the search for a better cell phone provider.  I needed a good cell phone deal.

Finding a Good Cell Phone Deal

As an avid reader of Reddit, I started seeing many posts about one provider in particular that I wanted to do more research on — T-Mobile.  I’d read that they’ve improved their service over the years and created a strong customer service culture.  I wanted an all in one plan so I didn’t have to deal with any of the overages, extra charges, etc … finally all providers were offering this.

We wanted a few key things for our cell provider:

  1. Good price (doesn’t everyone)
  2. Good coverage
  3. Good customer support
ProviderMonthly Fee for 4 peopleIs Tax included in Monthly Fee?Includes Hotspot?Data max use before possible slowing
T-Mobile $160IncludedYes50GB
ATT$190Not IncludedYes
Verizon$200Not includedYes22GB

There’s not an exact apples to apples comparison but this is as close I as I could find.  Tmobile One, ATT Unlimited and More Premium, Verizon Beyond Unlimted programs. 


The most unique thing I found with TMobile was that despite it being the lowest cost, it also was inclusive of all taxes, the $160 was what you pay. Also their data allowance was double the two others.

Tmobile has also has a good coverage — though all coverage is not perfect.

The Best Cell Phone Deal?  T-Mobile

I’ve now had T-Mobile for about a year with my family and have been quite happy.  No more fights around who’s using too much data. You know exactly what you pay each month so there are no surprises.  Teenagers are happy.  I can stream wherever I want.  Love the hotspot with high speed data.  And my wallet is happy as well — the lowest price.

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