Veteran discount cell phone service

What is the best veteran cell phone plan ? We’ll answer this question and share our cell phone plan secrets.  Read on…

Myself and Mrs YourFinances love Veterans!  In fact, we met in the military right after we had both joined the service. It was a great experience!   We recently posted a list of Military Veteran Discounts which we regularly update.

The big three cell phone providers all have veteran discounts that you can sign up for.  So its not as easy as you would think finding the best cell phone service for veterans.  We did the work for you and in fact, we signed up for one of them and are quite happy, but lets go over each of the services first.

  1. Verizon Military Discount
  2. ATT Military Discount
  3. TMobile Military Discount
  4. Comparison of veteran cell phone plans
  5. Our conclusion

Verizon Military Veteran Discount

Verizon has their own military veteran discount program and tout their friendliness to active duty military, veterans, cadets, and their families.  Their veteran cell phone plan is pretty good…

To get the discount, you have to of course prove you quality.  For active duty, they’ll want a document showing you’re active such as a pay stub, military email, etc.  For veterans, a DD 214, Vet ID Card, or a Veterans Advantage Account.

The discount is either (not both):

  1. Some $$ off of each cell phone service account, $15 off for one line and up to $40/off if you have 4 phones. (note this is $40 in total, not per line)
  2. 15% off your service fee — this is just the service fee, not additional costs such as financing, tax, etc.

Their caveat is that all discounts are off “eligible plans” only.  But all providers say this.

AT&T Military Veteran Discount

AT&T cell phone service also offers their own dedicated website for discounts for military and veterans.  To get the miltary veteran discount you need to prove that you fall into this category.  They give you two options: 1) use the veterans advantage card, 2) go to an ATT store with proof of your service.

The discount that ATT offers for cell phone service is:

  1. 25% off of each Unlimited and More (TM) wireless line.

Today: unlimited and more is $70 for one line and $160 ($40/line) for 4 lines.  If you get the Unlimited and More Premium, it begins at $80 and is $190 ($48/line) for 4 lines.  These prices are before the discount.

T-Mobile Military Veteran Discount

T-Mobile also has a Military Veteran Discount website.  This website is by far the easiest to read as it lays out all the features right there.  Nothing is hiding.  Their rates include a few benefits that the others don’t include at their low rates including free netflix subscription, free hotspot, free texting in over 220 countries.  And 50gb data at high speed before you could be slowed down.  Free inflight texting and 1 hr of data on Gogo equipped airplanes.  All of these features are better.

The T-Mobile military veteran discount is a flat rate:

  1. $55 for the first line, and $25 for line 2, and $10 each additional line.

This means that you’re paying $100 for 4 lines with taxes included.  Nothing more.

Military Veteran Discount Comparison

ProviderMonthly Fee for 4 peopleIs Tax included in Monthly Fee?Includes Hotspot?Data max use before possible slowingOther details?
T-Mobile $100IncludedYes50GB- Free Netflix
- Free in-flight data / texting
- Free hotspot
ATT$120Not Included -- taxes will add moreNo
22GB- Free 35+ channels of live TV
- 15,000 movie and TV shows
Verizon$120Not Included -- taxes will add moreYes22GB

Tmobile One, ATT Unlimited and More , Verizon Beyond Unlimited programs. 

Bottom line, T-Mobile easily wins this comparison for the best military veteran cell phone service. 

Learn more about saving money and spending wisely at

We did our best to compare the three veteran cell phone plans — as always, we’re human and may have made a mistake (though we hope not).  Whenever signing a contract or signing up for a service, make sure you do your own due diligence.


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