Save money on home phone

I’m always trying to find new ways of saving money at home. I had given up with the big C cable company given they wanted over $200 a month for my triple play — cable, internet and home phone. Yes I know, many people are just getting rid of their home phone but I’m not quite ready to do that yet.

High Phone Prices Forced Me to Find an Alternative

ATT had just added fiber across our housing development — they trenched across many of our properties to add the fiber but despite the uneasiness I had with a small trench on our lawn, I was still happy that the big C now had a competitor. ATT’s price was about $150 for the triple play (it included about $25 extra just for voip phone). No way on that, had to find something less expensive for my home phone line.

Ooma is a Cheap Home Phone Service

I remember hearing about a product called Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service. You buy the “box” and then phone calls are just free. You just connect it to your internet. Yes, I thought it was either too good to be true or they’d go out of business. We’ll years later and they’re still in business. I purchased an Ooma to give it a try. Here’s my Ooma Review.

Setting Up The Ooma

It took me about 10 minutes to set the device up. You create an account, get a phone number and connect the phone wire to your home phone system. I ported my phone number over which separately took a few days but not a big deal. (note: porting a phone number means that you transfer it from whoever is providing your service now to your new service provider … in this case from Comcast to Ooma)

With Ooma, you get free phone calls once you buy the device. I decided to pay for the premium Ooma service so that I could get the NoMoRobo service which prevents robocallers from calling you (well worth it).

My Impression: Am I Happy With The Ooma Phone Service?

Overall, I love the home phone service. It was easy to setup. I’ve had this now for about two years and it works flawlessly for me. It has definitely saved me money over the past two years. The phone service will go down if your internet doesn’t work — a cell phone can work as a backup and vice versa.

TIP: I do connect my Ooma and internet boxes to a backup battery in case of power failures.

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